More than just a gym.


Hamptons Gymnastics East is more than just a gymnastics complex – it's an athletics philosophy. We believe that gymnastics teaches the lessons of life if taught in a nurturing and healthy environment. By encouraging our gymnasts to enjoy and experience life we teach them how to create a well-balanced lifestyle.




Parents Lounge

Hamptons Gymnastics knows you are busy

So we created a working lounge for parents to stay connected while watching their children improve in the sport of gymnastics. The live/work Hamptons lifestyle is center to our core philosophy. 

Main Gym

Where our gymnasts train

Our training facility is centrally air-conditioned and heated. Equipped with a viewing area from the Parents Lounge. Safety in training is emphasized throughout with many pits and soft landing areas.

Vault Foam Pit

Vault Area

Designed for safety in training

Our vault area features a super long, fully padded runway for optimal speed which lands in a foam pit. Making us one of the finest training facilities in the country. 

Floor Area

The Foundry

We have an extra-large, padded spring floor with landing areas. Our gymnasts train with our coaches and staff utilizing the foam pits ramps and other equipment.