Our coaches and staff are fully certified.

At Hamptons Gymnastics East all of your coaches, staff and teachers have received their certification from the U.S.A. Gymnastics University. 

U.S.A. Gymnastics University


My fitness journey began in the sixth grade when I was boosted up on a pair of still rings. At that moment, I knew my journey in fitness was going to be exhilarating. While swinging on the rings, I discovered a freedom I had not previously experienced. Every muscle in my body was working in perfect precision. I swiftly took to the rings. I respected every found movement of my anatomy and physiology. As I continued building up strength and flexibility I was able to accomplish routines with ease.

My training me to becoming a three time All American Gymnast by the age of 15. My persistent and continuous action in gymnastics had paid off. I truly believe in the attainment of our goals and dreams. Consistent practice and discipline is the formula to success. I graduated in 1991 from Bay Shore High School. I have taken every skill from the teachings of my coach Mr. John Pfieffer.

Mr. Pfieffer taught me how to be disciplined and to persevere. He also taught me how to take care of my muscles. He explained that every man or woman must treat their muscles with respect and take good care of them. Freed the muscles the nutrients they need and keep them flexible and strong. These are the foundations of fitness.

The next phase of my life is about fitness around the world. I joined the U.S.A.F. soon after graduation and traveled all over the world. Fitness is everywhere you go. I have trained with many different people in many different countries. People are very interesting to me and part of my job is understanding bio-individuality. We all have different genetic blueprints.

Learning great discipline in the U.S.A.F is what I pride myself on. Education has always been continual and inspirational. I have never stopped learning or growing. Currently, I have been certified by the International Sports Science Association — the most prestigious association in the industry. It was at one of the seminars I met one of the most influential and professional doctors in the world. His name is Dr. Jack Barnathan.

Dr. Barnathan became my mentor and one of the most important sources of information and education in my life. Dr. Barnathan has shared his gift and passion for muscles, fitness, and the human body.

I attended the School of Center of Performance and Strength also known as the New York Strength. I attended all classes taught by Dr. Barnathan to achieve one of the highest awards given by the school — the Master Trainer Award.

Furthermore, my education does not stop. I recently graduated from the Nutritional Therapy Association Certification in October of 2008 and received my Nutritional Therapy Practitioners Certificate.

I look at the body as a whole, rather than as the sum of its parts. I provide that service for them and teach them how to be disciplined and inspired. Inspiration is everywhere — all one needs to do is open his or her eyes and find it, taste it. See yourself as already successful. Focus on wellness, and balanced. The most important aspect of fitness is the rest and recovery. Respect your food and body, give thanks, and it will serve you for a long way to come. 


Gymnastics Coach Certification Level 1-6
Gym-Cert / USA Gymnastics (License 143880)

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
Nutritional Therapy Foundation (License 45869)

Master Trainer
New York Strength Inc. (License 78123)

Green Gorilla Organics
Natural Lyceum (License 576940)



I grew up in Southampton, NY, and have always been athletic. Of all the sports I played, gymnastics was my favorite. It came naturally to me. Skateboarding was also a passion. The feeling of learning a new trick and pushing it to the limit is awesome. Both sports have a good mix of risk, skill, and style.

I worked at after-school programs and local gyms and discovered that I love hanging out with kids. I became interested in strength training, really learning how to concentrate and focus. After gaining strength and seeing the results, I was hooked, and went on to further my education in exercise science.

I believe gymnastics is the perfect combination of strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and control. I like the challenge, sense of accomplishment, and confidence that doing gymnastics gives me.

I enjoy sharing what I have learned, and my experiences with kids. The look on their faces when they first learn a new skill is priceless. Gymnastics is truly an art, and the fitness involved is unparalleled and FUN!