Our coaches and staff are certified!


At Hamptons Gymnastics East all of your coaches, staff and teachers have received their certification from the U.S.A. Gymnastics University. 

Director Paul Cesario


Paul Cesario

My fitness journey began in the sixth grade when I was boosted up on a pair of still rings. At that moment, I knew my journey in fitness was going to be exhilarating. While swinging on the rings, I discovered a freedom I had not previously experienced. Every muscle in my body was working in perfect precision. Read more. →


Ian Viola

I grew up in Southampton, NY, and have always been athletic. Of all the sports I played, gymnastics was my favorite. It came naturally to me. Skateboarding was also a passion. The feeling of learning a new trick and pushing it to the limit is awesome. Both sports have a good mix of risk, skill, and style. Read more. →