Have a party with us!

Our famous gymnastics parties consist of a one-hour session of age group appropriate gym activities, followed by refreshment time in our spacious party room.  Activities may include:

  • Warm-ups

  • Trolly zip-line

  • Ninja warrior obstacles

  • Balance beams

  • Spring board vaulting

  • Obstacle course

  • Relay races and much more!

All parties are led by members of our gymnastic school staff to ensure a safe and fun-filled experience for all your guests.


PARTIES: 1.5 HOURS, up to 20 kids (2 coaches): 



Additional 30 minutes:

$ 75.00

Additional kids (additional coach):

$ 100.00


Use of Space: 

Fee is charged from the time of arrival for set up until all parties have left and cleared the space.